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Apr 22,  · Why can't this creative process be taught? Creativity is not simply a set of skills. but that isn't creativity do to the fact that it always has to reform to the MLA format of writing, the. Can creative writing be taught? Irish authors give their answers John Boyne, Joseph O’Connor, Gavin Corbett, Henrietta McKervey, Mary Morrissy, Paula McGrath, Paul Perry and Máire T Robinson Author: Sarah Gilmartin. Sep 16,  · In all the arts you need to separate the Art from the Craft The ‘Art’ is the concept The ‘Craft’ is the interpretation and construction The difference between the Harry Potter stories and the hundreds of other ‘Magic’ stories is that Harry Potter.

Can creative writing be taught? Irish authors give their answers

Of course it can be taught. Just as learning to play the piano, or dance or draw. It is an art supported by its discipline. It you choose to embark on the discipline and you love the art then your can learn to write. If you are willing to put in the time you will can creative writing be taught what it is you love.

Malcolm Gladwell, is the name that pops into my head. Something like, if you give a thing 10, hours you've got a good start. Anything you would give that kind of time is something that you care deeply about. To care deeply and work hard creates mastery and mastery produces art And, susbsequently.

To teach what you love to others enriches the artistic community and the artistic self. I used to coach distance can creative writing be taught, and you saw a lot who were naturally talented, a lot who were untalented but very hardworking, and a lot of both.

Most that I saw were different mixtures of those things. The nice thing about coaching runners is that it's very objective. Did you cover the same distance faster this week than you did last week? If so, then we have a success.

However, can creative writing be taught were a lot of intangible, subjective things in there. Did the runner's form completely fall apart? Did the runner sustain an injury in the course of running can creative writing be taught Two very can creative writing be taught physical characters twins, honestly who did the same training, had the same home life, mostly ate the same things, would still perform differently in races.

I think it came down to those intangibles. Perhaps one was better disposed, in some way, to be a distance runner. Brain chemistry, can creative writing be taught, experience of pain, something was different. There's a ton of research about athletics, and we still haven't cracked that even though the outcome is easily measured.

This is where we come back to writing. Creative writing, the end product of it, is hard as hell to measure in any objective way beyond, "Are there words on a page and are they arranged with some can creative writing be taught of logic? You or I can look at two pieces and say which one we think is better, but it's difficult to know, without a doubt, which is the better piece. And my gut says totally. If you can learn an entirely new language, you can learn to use one differently.

My gut feeling is that writing can be taught but creativity cannot. Same goes for music, painting, etc. If you look at any bonafide creative genius, they clearly have something they didn't work for.

Yes, they had to work hard to hone their talent. But there's always something else, and I believe you either have it or you don't. As Kenny Powers put it: "You can train all you want. You can work on your catching, on your throwing, on your running. Hell, it might even be enough to get you into the Majors. But if you want to be a standout, an allstar, a champion, can creative writing be taught, then you need more than hard work and dedication.

You need something that you can't work for, can creative writing be taught. You need a blessing from God Almighty.

I saw this and thought I'd weigh in, can creative writing be taught. As others have said, writing can be learned but creativity can't. I'm a musician - I play guitar, bass and piano. I learnt classical guitar so can read and write music as well. But I'm also a composer - a music creative, if you will. While I'm no slouch on the guitar, there are, of course, many who are much better technically, can creative writing be taught.

But the question I'm often asked is 'how can I learn to write a song? I can show someone the chords and notes that might make up a particular piece of music but it is very difficult to show someone how to put these together to create a new piece of music.

I don't think this can be taught. I think you either have it or you don't. I also believe to be the case with any creative endeavors. Technical ability does not go hand in hand with creativity. Yes, it can be taught. The biggest problem with people who aren't creative is that they think it's in-born, and they say things like, "I'm not creative" or "I'm not an artist. When you convince yourself it's something you should be able to do from the start without any effort, that's death.

It's also super annoying can creative writing be taught dismissive to people who've worked their butts off for years to get where they are! People are embarrassed to be a rookie and don't want to go through the awkward phase of learning something new and sucking at it before they get good at it.

If our education system were centered on teaching creativity and critical thinking, and focused on teaching people to paint and write fiction the way we focus on teaching arithmatetic, then everyone would know how to paint and be creative more or less the same way people know how to do math now. With varying skill, but still able to do the basics. Most of our education is about the left brain, and about putting the right brain to sleep and telling it to shut up while you do mind-numbing work.

I think there's a very, very small number of people who are hopelessly tone-deaf and can't be taught. They exist, but not in large numbers. And a huge number of people think they're the tone-deaf ones, but they're not, they just haven't actually ever tried or put in the practice. We also buy huge into the myth that things like writing come down to a kind of blurry, shadowy, mystic process.

I think even writers do this to explain why they're good in some areas but not in others, and to dismiss trying to learn those parts of writing they're less comfortable with in any kind of can creative writing be taught way. I do it this way. Rhetoric and Narratology are very worthwhile areas of study. All you really need are hard work, motivation, and average non-tonedeaf genetics. That, and a good teacher. BW's evaluation of our education system is accurate, and says a lot about those in charge, doesn't it.?

But the last sentence, I think, has one more line underneath. When you need hard work and motivation, what you really need, underneath that, is desire. I agree, desire is more or less what I meant by motivation.

If you really want it and are willing to put the work in, you can do it. Some might argue that no one can tell you how to be original, that this is a contradiction in terms, a logical fallacy I don't know you. I don't know what. I also don't know what a logical fallacy is, Twelve installments of anything is excruciating.

Too scared to PM. So, either way kidding or dead serious, this is drop dead hysterical, good writing. How can you teach someone creative writing? I mean writing definitely but how to teach someone to be creative? Isn't that subjective? Not everyone is creative right, at the same time can creative writing be taught are creative people who can't write express well.

You can teach them to write. You can teach people how to think in other ways. Of course, they have to be willing to learn, can creative writing be taught, but that's true with anyone and any subject.

For instance, critical thinking. You can demonstrate and explain the process of breaking things down to their parts, looking for route causes, blah blah blah. The scientific method is something that's taught. You can teach someone to think without cognitive bias. You explain what cognitive biases are, how they manifest, point out when they show up, etc, can creative writing be taught. I don't see why this can't be done with creativity. Proper teaching involves a lot of nothing more than guiding, anyway.

Just remember that still doesn't mean it'll take with every student, especially to a great degree. Yeah, you just exercise that part of the brain. It's not wildly complicated or mystical.

You use it, and it gets stronger.


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can creative writing be taught


· A new chapter on creative writing research · A new chapter on games, fan-fiction and genre writing · New chapters on identity and activism. Can Creative Writing Really Be Taught? is supported by a companion website at, including extensive links to online resources, teaching case studies and lesson Stephanie Vanderslice. Sep 16,  · In all the arts you need to separate the Art from the Craft The ‘Art’ is the concept The ‘Craft’ is the interpretation and construction The difference between the Harry Potter stories and the hundreds of other ‘Magic’ stories is that Harry Potter. Mar 11,  · Yes, of course, creative writing can be taught, and it is very successfully taught. It might be the most successful humanities enterprise in the American university, if success is to be measured by stated goals. As for "improvement," yes to that too, if by "improvement" we mean internalizing the Author: Anis Shivani.